When Gloom, Doom and Gold Go Mainstream

For thought leaders, the notion of validation is secondary to the
importance of getting out their message as soon as they alone are sure about it.
For the spiritually sensitized, it’s also important to share truth as soon as one
confirms it with

Scripture and the Lord.

Those two truths are why so much of what I predict can seem “out
there” at times. But it’s not. In fact, every day more and more “mainstream
experts” join me in my warnings about imminent financial collapse in America
and around the world and the need for investors to turn to gold and silver as a
protection against this debacle.

It’s not that I care what secular experts say about my conclusions, which
always have a spiritual basis that only believers – who “have ears to hear” –
often can discern.

But it is interesting nonetheless that the wobbliness of the current global
system has become apparent even to those who can’t or don’t want to ascribe
any particular spiritual significance to developments.

Take Rush Limbaugh, for example. Liberals have always considered
him and his opinions beyond the pale. But he’s got an audience of 20 million
or so conservatives, including many Christiasns, who swear by his powers of

And lately on his early-afternoon radio program, Limbaugh has taken
to issuing dire warnings about the “economic collapse” that will result if fiscal
policies being pursued by the Obama administration aren’t reversed – by the
defeat of President Obama or otherwise.

Or consider talk of returning America to a gold standard. The United
States abandoned it in 1971, ushering in the era of the fiat dollar – and totally
rejecting God’s Money system – and helping set up the current circumstance
where the dwindling dollar is losing more value every day.

Now, the very platform of the Republican Party in the elections this
fall effectively calls for a new gold commission that would effectively restore
a “metallic basis” for the dollar, writes Seth Lipsky, editor of the New York Sun,

in the Wall Street Journal. A former Journal staffer, he’s also writing a book about
what he calls the “constitutional dollar.”

Lipsky noted that “it’s no small thing that [Mitt] Romney’s platform calls
for a gold commission and an audit of the Fed. The last Republican to run on
a platform calling for a dollar ‘on a fully convertible gold basis’ was Dwight
Eisenhower, who cast the promise aside once in office. That’s a strategic
misstep for Mr. Romney, should he win in November, to avoid.”

We couldn’t agree more. But unless any such “gold commission” does a
180-degree turn as far as the U.S. government’s approach to a gold standard is
concerned, this economy is still doomed.

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