The Longer Bates Lasts, the More Evil He Does

Regular readers of Unreported World News are aware of our efforts to gain
justice for the victims of “Christian” radio host and precious-metals
dealer Larry Bates, whose schemes have victimized a number of faithful
clients over the last few years

– and cost many of them amounts in the
five and six figures.

In his latest mocking of his “Christian” ethic, Memphis-based FAMC.,
Bates’ firm, continues to refuse to do the right thing in dealing with a
single woman to whom it has owed delivery of precious metals since 2001.
This woman has had to pay nearly $20,000 in legal fees to “get these fine
‘Christian’ men to do the right thing,” as she puts it, and get her the
product she ordered 10 years ago.”

Last week, FAMC told her that the firm finally had purchased the products
that it was supposed to deliver to her a decade ago! Bates and FAMC have
had her money since 2001! Why are they now just taking delivery of the
products she ordered? What have they been doing with her money all this
time if they did not order her metals?

This is wrong!

This company needs to be stopped so no more innocent people
send them money thinking they will get the product they order in a timely

The Jewish Voice and Jim Bakker need to know they will also be accountable
to God for promoting this so-called economist on their TV shows. People
have told UWN that the Voice has been repeatedly contacted by former FAMC
victims, and yet they still promote Bates. We also know that
representatives of The Voice have read our blog posts over the last couple
of years about Bates and understand exactly the evil he has perpetrated
against believers.

Bakker should know better than to participate with someone who does not
keep the law – he’s been in prison himself for breaking the law. Yet,
recently, he was taping broadcasts with Bates – shows that, when they air,
are sure to suck in more innocent sheep who will blindly order from FAMC
and may not get their metals.

A former employee of FAMC has told me of other victims who have waited
years for their orders. The Better Business Bureau has now given FAMC an
“F” rating. This news needs to be spread across the internet to help
protect other innocent people from doing business with this company.
Please help by forwarding this to others you know who maybe interested in
purchasing metals.

And while you are at it, contact the publisher of Bates’ book, Strang
Communications, and ask them if they know this travesty is going on and if
they want to promote it.

Time to speak up, my blog followers. God will bless you for protecting the
sheep. God will also bless you for your concern and prayers for the
victims to receive justice.

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