Larry Bates Still Has a Lot to Answer For – So Why Hasn’t He?

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It’s really sad for me to report today that Larry Bates has not yet been stopped by the federal and state authorities who monitor business practices in the gold and silver markets.

Granted, this man presents himself as a Christian and has appeared on TV shows with Sid Roth, The Jewish Voice and Jim Bakker, to name a few. My old friend, Kerby Anderson, head of Probe Ministries, has also interviewed Bates on his Point of View radio show. Bates is in Dallas again this weekend for one of his conferences.

Several Texas residents have reported Bates’ financially, emotionally and spiritually abusive tactics to the state’s Attorney General’s office. And, of course, I first reported the story of Bates’ malfeasance on this blog, in the item “Larry Bates Has a Lot to Answer For,” in May of this year.

We thought that the media outlets who had promoted Bates and his message in the past would do the right thing on behalf of their viewers and listeners and hold Bates accountable for what Unreported World News has reported. Why haven’t they? That’s a good question.

As I have also reported, the ministry God gave me 25 years ago was responsible for answering reader mail for the bestselling Christian book of 1985, The Seduction of Christianity. Yes, I’ve been watching deception in the church of Jesus Christ for a long time and reporting about it for nearly as long. Look in the back of the book from that year and you’ll see my old ministry, CIB, Christian Information Bureau.

Maybe I’d better pick up that name and use it again so Christians will pay attention.

I will give credit to one ministry, Inspiration Ministries, and one of its leaders, John Roos, who contacted us after the story. He was concerned and wanted to know more information. However, even though I followed up with him later — when other unsuspecting people started contacting me after they found the story on UWN – I have gotten no further response from John.

Read the comments on that original post. Now there are more victims of Bates’s questionable practices than just those I reported then.

Damian Orlowski has told me many times since he allowed me to use his story that he would be glad to be interviewed by media outlets about his nightmare experience of purchasing gold and silver from Bates. He reported that he lost 17 pounds wondering if he was ever going to receive his large purchase.

Please, buyer beware! Jesus warned that many would come to Him in that day, when they will have to give an account to Him, and say, “Lord, didn’t we prophecy in your name, and do good deeds in your name?” And what will His response be? “Depart from me you workers of iniquity, I never knew you.” He goes on to say, whatever we do to the least of these His brethren, we do to Him.

Would Jesus sell his followers gold and silver and make them wait 18 months, or even nine months, to deliver it? Surely not. Bates needs to answer for all the lost opportunity costs of the clients he has abused while he has tied up their funds for months. Has he increased their purchase by giving them intertest on the funds he has kept so long? Not for my clients, some of whom had to hire an attorney to force Bates to produce either their money or their gold or silver.

Has Larry Bates paid me the commissions he still owes me or returned the 7,000 names from my CIB mailing list, which I loaned to him so I would get the referrals? Not yet.

My poor children have watched their mother become the victim of greed by “leaders” in the church; it’s by the grace of God that they still serve Him so faithfully. A long time ago, another man stole money from our ministry and it cost our family dearly. The only reason I have not been able to market these realities more widely since the last posts in May is because we are still recovering from the effects of a recent house fire.

My prayer in reporting this is to warn and protect the precious, unsuspecting sheep in the church from wolves. Jesus warned to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

There is nothing new under the sun. Only now, we are even closer to the days Jesus warned would describe the church in the times preceding His return. Read Matthew 24:4 and 24 where He warns, “Be careful lest anyone deceive you.”

Clearly, deception will be the greatest characteristic of the day preceding His return. Yes, even as in moneychangers parading as Christian gold and silver dealers.

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