Greece Is Just a Warm-Up Act for Bigger Economic Tragedy

It appears that the Greek people are going to get a chance to vote on whether to accept the economic straitjacket that is being handed to them by the major national powers that run the eurozone. Whatever the result of the referendum, who among us believes that it will spell the end of the rioting and other social unrest that have rent the ancient nation as Greece continues to slide down a slippery financial slope into anarchy?

And what’s happening in Greece is only the beginning. As many secular analysts are predicting, the world is still on the brink of “a deep new economic crisis that could cost millions of jobs around the globe and trigger mass social unrest” – in the words of a commentator for The Independent newspaper in the U.K.

In America, the Occupy Wall Street crowd are mere pikers. Once European-style crisis hits our shores, the protesters arent going to be sipping Starbucks, fretting about donated-dinner menus, and wringing their hands about the politics of how they treat the homeless who have flocked to their tent-city refuges in cities across the country. That is only “unrest” for the sake of political theater. The real kind will be immeasurably worse.

And unfortunately, because man still gives in to his impulses as a sinner, this is the way it must be, and must become. Of course the world faces years of social unrest, but even more tragic is that most people won’t know why it’s happening, or the root causes anyway. That’s because they do not understand the significance of these events and Bible prophecy.

The Bible tells us that in the last days before the return of the Messiah, Jesus, perilous times will come (2 Timothy 3:1). The entire world is being prepared for a leader to arise who will appear to have a solution for all of our problems, including economic unrest: a world leader (Revelation 12-13). The book of Daniel also foretells this time. The fact that Israel had to reappear as a nation, and it did, in 1948, sets the stage for the unfolding drama!

The Bible also tells us that the whole world will be prepared to worship the world leader, who actually is the Beast who will deceive people in order to come to power (Matthew 24:4, 24.). And the global financial system is right at the center of his authority, because anyone who does not receive the mark of the Beast will not be able to buy and sell.

Economic deception and dismay are the entire keys to the fulfillment of these prophecies. Thus, it’s no surprise that Wall street and the global financial system tied to it have been turned upside down and that sovereign debt crises are now threatening to overwhelm the world as we know it.

The “solution,” of course, lies in nothing that Wall Street bankers, national central banks or any politician can conjure up. It is in holding fast to faith in Jesus Christ and in the knowledge that these things, too, shall pass – until we’re with Him for eternity!

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