Our burden from the Lord is to help alert and rescue as many people as possible from the blatant deception that is engulfing the Church and all Americans. Time to share the gospel freely and warn believers of the false teachers in the church is getting short. They need to get warned now so their families and loved ones can be protected.


We work as a family researching and preparing dvds, cds and this blog that will teach and minister truth today. If you appreciate the news presented here we offer you the chance to help us get the burden out that the Lord has given us. Your donations will be used to support the work of this ministry which includes an evangelistic street ministry that teaches youth how to share the gospel to kids who would never attend church. A youth church is starting: local Bible college students will be using worship and prophecy to reach their peers and go to the streets with the good news of Jesus in these very difficult days to be a teenager.


“Life is no rehearsal: we live on the stage. Only one performance: life is the play…” so go the lines from a famous song of long ago. Hebrews 9:27 says it, too. “It is appointed once to die and then comes judgment.”  Real Life’s vision is to fulfill the Matthew 22 call of God. It says, sadly, that those who were invited to the Wedding Feast wouldn’t come: so the Master said to go to the highways and invite all who would come.


The Wedding Feast is Heaven. The reason Matthew 22 is written is because in the last days, a strong delusion will come upon the world. A falling away from the faith will come. Real Life Resources is a 501c.3 non profit organization and all donations made to it are tax-deductible. We thank you for your donations to help us further the kingdom of God in these last and dangerous days. God bless you!