Anne’s passion is using end-times prophecy to lead people to Jesus. She has been strategically positioned with many fellow eschatologists found among the Who’s Who of Bible prophecy. As a dedicated investigator, she has documented evidence that is all but impossible to repudiate or ignore.

In 1982, Anne wrote the script of the Globalization curriculum for a national education seminar, Who Has the Children? exposing  how the globalists were using the public schools to prepare children for the one world government. In 1984 she founded Christian Information Bureau (CIB) and for nine years worked with Dave Hunt and other Christian bestselling prophecy authors. CIB published a monthly newsletter on world events and biblical prophecy.

Anne built CIB to an international ministry, and it was through this effort that tens of thousands were rescued out of the occult New Age movement, including uninformed Christians.

Since CIB, she has raised and homeschooled four children and cared for a sick husband. Three children are still at home. Anne and her family have walked very difficult roads since CIB in preparation to lead people through the hard times ahead.

During this time, Anne has operated and grown numerous businesses, including one in cooperation with some of the nation’s most prominent financial advisors.

Anne’s master’s degree is in speech communication from Texas Christian University, and her BFA is in speech and journalism from Southern Methodist University.

Anne also is the founder of Real Life Resources, a Matthew 22 last-days ministry to train Christian youth to street evangelize those young people who would otherwise never attend church.

She and her family reside in Colleyville, Texas.