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June 21 Could Bring More than First Day of Summer

We’ve brought you the theories of James Dale Davison before, but there’s a new urgency in considering what he has to say these days, because he is warning that June 21 will bring a “civilization-altering development” that will dramatically affect the financial stability of the globe – and of your household. Around then, Davidson, figures,
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Having Ears To Hear Is A Choice, Not Anatomy

In these last days, a lot of indelicate truths must be told; in the end, all things will be laid bare anyway. And for us at Real Money USA, one of the most difficult truths we deal with is that not all of God’s people understand or appreciate the notion that God’s Money is the
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Alarmists Are Only Bad If There’s No Reason for Alarm

We don’t want to be “alarmist.” But the purpose of a sentinel is to alarm the troops. Do you think the American Revolutionaries in Boston ultimately were happy that Paul Revere warned them of the Redcoats’ arrival? Or that the first survivors onboard the lifeboats of the Titanic were happy that the calls of “Iceberg!”
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Finally, Larry Bates Has Been Stopped In His Tracks

The precious-metals empire that Larry Bates built on a foundation of deceit and larceny finally appears to be crumbling. Today a federal judge in Memphis placed Bates, his FAMC precious-metals operation and all of Bates’ personal assets in receivership. And on October 29, the judge has ordered Bates and his receiver, John Ryder, back into
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We’ve Become A Sequestration Nation? So What!

Now that our nation’s politicians, led by President Obama, have concluded their histrionics over “sequestration,” and the automatic $85 billion in spending cuts have been written into effect, the question becomes: So what? It was embarrassing to watch the White House admit to the nation and to the world last week that the president had
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FAMC Victim Protection

Doing What the Times Requires

  Our time is growing short, as the previous video indicates, so we have decided to intensify our efforts to break through to the people within our sphere of influence, in three important ways: We’re “rebranding” our company, we’re going on the radio, and we’re making an important live appearance! Here’s the exciting news: •
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Deception Is – Well, Deceptive!

Jesus was talking to the Scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23:24-25. He said, “Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. Woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, buy cialis online but within they are full of extortion
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How To Avoid Becoming a Victim of the Next Larry Bates

We continue to hear from people who are grateful that the unscrupulous Larry Bates and his FAMC precious-metals enterprise are being thwarted by the American court system, a swarm of angry victims and the ultimate justice of God. But the angst that we feel for the many people who lost big chunks of their investment
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America Has Become Food Stamp Nation

It got some attention during last fall’s presidential campaign, but one of the biggest signs of America’s decay seems to get barely mentioned these days. Apparently that’s because it is just one of many ugly economic tears in the increasingly tattered fabric of what America used to be and represent. This is unfathomable if you
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